Arthur Ricketts

It is with great sadness that we have to report that Capt Arthur Ricketts passed away suddenly on Thursday 5th December 2019 aged 81. Arthur was always a keen supporter of this website and became a personal friend. He later introduced me to the EAA brethren at the Reunions and was always interested in anything to do with East African or his favourite aeroplane – the Super VC10. He was a family man and enthusiastic pilot to the end. Supported by his wife Marjorie and long after he retired from EAA and British Aerospace, he continued his flying with Cessnas in the UK and floatplanes on Lake Garda.

Our thoughts are with Marjorie and the family.

One thought on “Arthur Ricketts

  • It was shocking to hear of the sudden death of Capt. Ricketts. Sadly Eastaf seems to be losing a lot of good people and highly efficient pilots.
    May the Almighty God rest Capt. Ricketts and all the other colleagues gone in 2019, in His Beautiful Heaven, “Hangar” if you wish.

    My condolences to Mrs. Ricketts and all other bereaved relatives and friends.
    All are loved and thought of.

    Please remember that, we are comforted by the the thought that we are all in transit waiting to join our gone friends in the next world where there will be no sadness and weeping.

    My sincere thoughts and prayers to all bereaved families and friends.



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