Boeing 707-320

One Boeing 707 freighter (5X-UWM) was bought from American Airlines and delivered on 15th May 1975 for freight services mainly to Europe. Not actually operated directly by EAA but painted in a variation of East African colours and used by Simbair. It ended up being impounded at London Heathrow in 1977 after the airline had gone bankrupt. Towards the end of operations, a number of early model 707-320s were also leased from British Midland.

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Aircraft registered in Uganda

Registration Aircraft c/n Previous Acquired Disposal Remarks
5X-UWM Boeing 707-323CF 18691 N7557A 1975 1977 Delivered 15/5/75. Freighter operated by Simbair. Sold to Tradewinds and re-registered G-BFEO.

Short-term Leased aircraft

Registration Aircraft c/n Previous Acquired Disposal Remarks
G-AYVE Boeing 707-321 18083 N757PA Leased from BMA 12/74 to 4/75 and 12/76 to 2/77
G-AYVG Boeing 707-321 17598 N720PA Leased from BMA 2/75 to 3/75
G-AYBJ Boeing 707-321 17597 N719PA Leased from BMA 12/4/76 to 10/5/76 and 10/9/76 to 11/76
G-AZWA Boeing 707-321 17605 N727PA Leased from BMA 4/76 to 5/76