Lockheed Lodestar

The prototype of the Lockheed Model 18, which first flew in 1939, was constructed from one of a batch of Lockheed Model 14 Super Electras.

These had been returned to the manufacturer by Northwest Airlines after a series of crashes of Model 14s. The fuselage was lengthened by 5ft (1.5m), enabling the fitting of two more rows of seats and hopefully making the aircraft more economical to operate. However, most US airlines were by then committed to purchasing the Douglas DC-3 and Lockheed found the Lodestar difficult to sell at home. A total of 625 Lodestars of all variants were built. EAAC operated 15 at various times.

Registration Aircraft c/n Previous Acquired Disposal Remarks
VP-KFA Lockheed Lodestar L18-56 2076 G-AGBT 1948   Lake Victoria Sold as SE-BUU
VP-KFB Lockheed Lodestar L18-56 2071 G-AGBS 1948   Lake Nyasa Sold as SE-BUX. Crashed Jonkoping 11/1/53
VP-KFC Lockheed Lodestar L18-56 2091 G-AGBV 1948   Lake Albert Sold as N94536
VP-KFE Lockheed Lodestar L18-56 2070 G-AGBR 1948   Lake George Sold as SE-BUF. To Kar-Air for spares 1961
VP-KFF Lockheed Lodestar L18-56 2095 G-AGBX 1948   Lake Edward Sold as N94538. Crashed New Jersey 28/1/52
VP-KHA Lockheed Lodestar L18-56 2013 F-ARTM, OO-CAY 1949   Sold as N5381N
VP-KHB Lockheed Lodestar L18-56 2420 42-32226, OO-CAS 1949 1951 Broken up for spares 1951
VP-KHE Lockheed Lodestar L18-56 2421 42-32227, OO-CAV 1949   Lake Naivasha. Sold as N94537
VP-KHV Lockheed Lodestar L18-08 2029 ZS-ASO,SAAF 1370,ZS-ASO 1950   Mtwara Safari, sold USA.
VP-KHW Lockheed Lodestar L18-08 2035 ZS-ASU, SAAF 1373, ZS-ASU 1950   Tanga Safari. Sold as ZS-DHK, then SE-CDR and N6064V
VP-KHX Lockheed Lodestar L18-08 2038 ZS-ASX, SAAF 239, ZS-ASX 1950   Uganda Safari. Sold as N94550
VP-KHY Lockheed Lodestar L18-08 2047 ZS-ATB, SAAF 242, ZS-ATB 1950   Kenya Safari. Sold as N94547
VP-KHZ Lockheed Lodestar L18-08 2049 ZS-ATC, SAAF 1375, ZS-ATC 1950   Tanganyika Safari. Sold as N94548(not taken up), resold as CF-FYR. Destroyed in hangar fire at St Eugene, Ontario 26/12/54.
VP-KIA Lockheed Lodestar L18-08 2050 ZS-ATD, SAAF 243, ZS-ATD 1950   Mombasa Safari. Sold as ZS-DHL, then VH-WCN
VP-KIB Lockheed Lodestar L18-08 2051 ZS-ATE, SAAF 244,ZS-ATE 1950   Zanzibar Safari. Sold as N94546