Macchi MB 320

The MB.320 was a low-wing cabin monoplane powered by two wing-mounted Continental E185 engines.

It had room for a pilot and five passengers. The aircraft flew well, but was expensive to buy and with only a small domestic market for the type only a small number were exported. Three aircraft were sold to East African Airways for use as feederliners. They were all sold locally.

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Vital Statistics

VP-KJD Macchi MB320 5910 - 1953 1955 Sold 1955, then abroad as ZS-CBA
VP-KJG Macchi MB320 5911 - 1952 1955 Sold 1955, then abroad to Somaliland as I-MISO. Scr Milan 3/65
VP-KJJ Macchi MB320 5912 - 1952 1954 Sold 1954. To Air Safaris, Arusha 1955. W/O in crash at Mbeya 1962